Why You Should Come and Visit Enshi In China?

In Hubei Province, China, there is a place that is often called a secret one. It is the most beautiful fairyland in China selected by CNN. It is selected as “the most beautiful place in China” by China National Geographic. It is a World Cultural Heritage tourist destination listed on the World Heritage List.


The scenery here is different all year round.
But no matter when you come, you can always marry its most beautiful tense.
In spring, there is a “small semperna” deep in the Grand Canyon;
In summer, it has become the “Cool Place of The World” with its own atmosphere;
In autumn, the red leaves of the mountains here are also known as the “Southern Kanas”;
In winter, the snow scene here is called “Chinese version of the Alps”.


It is Enshi, the only minority autonomous prefecture in Hubei.With its beautiful scenery in the myriad of mysteries.

But because of its sad geographical location, it has not been popular like Dali, Lijiang, Hangzhou, there are swarming tourists, for many years,  the Enshi only Shows about their own origional beauty silently.

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Here is the 18th bend of the mountain road. Every road leads to the depths of the secret of beauty.
Located in the southwestern part of Hubei, Enshi is surrounded by mountains.Every sentence you heard in “The Eighteen Ways of Mountain Road” can be seen in Enshi, a 300-degree sharp turn, an artificial road hanging on the mountainside, a plank road floating on the lake, and the world’s first high bridge… …to enter Enshi, you have to experience it.

Wall-mounted roads – Local villagers’ hands-on mountain roads


Lions Pass Sation the water plank road – the road over the water


The floating path over the water is about 500 meters long and is built along the winding river. It is located in the Lion Pass Scenic spot of ​​Xuanen County, Enshi Prefecture. In the past, people could only visit the mountains and rivers by boat. Now they can walk on this plank road and get in touch with nature more intimately. The green river and the green hills are walking behind, and the birds are called after insects. It is very pleasant.


Sidu River Bridge – China’s tallest railway bridge built in the mountains



The Sidu River Bridge can be said to be the most representative road construction in Enshi Prefecture. It is located in Yesanguan Town, Badong County, Enshi Prefecture. It is the largest railway bridge built by China in the deep mountain valley. The bridge deck is 560 meters from the bottom of the valley, equivalent to the height of 200 floors. Driving on the bridge is a bit of a thrill, but it will be conquered by the beauty of the surrounding mountains.


Enshi Grand Canyon – Comparable to the Colorado Grand Canyon



When you come to Enshi, you can’t miss the Enshi Grand Canyon, a place that rivals the Colorado Grand Canyon. The landscapes in the Grand Canyon are naturally formed, and the virgin forests, the Thousand-Way Falls, the top of the clouds, and the karst landforms are amazing. The artificial cliffs built in the canyon must also be experienced once, and they are shuttled between the mountains and the villages, fields and rivers. They are thrilling and beautiful.

Hefeng Pingshan Canyon – Water Wonderland to enter By Boat



Maliuxi Village – the paradise of the wild tea forest



Luyuanping – a small bridge leading to the paradise



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